Free 5 Day Challenge

This course is absolutely Free with no gimmicks. This is great for young adults and college students. This course is designed to challenge you in a way you aren't normally challenged. I want to ask questions that just don't get asked very often but make a huge difference when we answer them honestly and then take action.

This Free 5 day challenge is a great way to encourage and catapult you into next steps that will lead to some great and lasting change. There will be a short 2-3 minute motivational video sent right to your phone every morning. The videos are mean't to get to the why behind everything you do. It will get behind the choices we make and why we do what we do. 

I wish I knew this information and took this challenge when I was in college. It would have made a big difference. Take the free challenge and see how this has jump started thousands of college student's/young adults lives into their true calling and purpose. 

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